Personal tax return: some practical issues

It is June. This means time to file your personal tax return. We happily list some practical issues. And remind you to respect the filing limits, in order to assure your return is filed in due time.

Tax return on paper

If you opt for the traditional tax return on paper, your return should be filed on 28 June 2012 at the latest. In case you didn't receive your tax return early June, you should apply for it yourself.


You can also decide to file your tax return online, as meanwhile more than 3 million citizens did. In this case, you have to file on 17 July at the latest.
There are two different ways to do this:

with your electronic identification card; in this case you need an electronic card reader for your eID;

in case you don't have an electronic card reader, you can apply for a 'token', which is a card quoting your personal access codes to log on to the system.

If you file a joint tax return (e.g. with your spouse), you should both have your own eID or token.
Note that for some specific categories of people, it is not possible to file a tax return online. This is the case for:

the tax return for an in 2012 deceased tax payer;

the tax payer who became widower in 2012;

tax payers who were on 1 January 2012 less than one year factually separated and want to file their tax returns separately.

Through an mandatary

You can also opt to file your tax return through a certified bookkeeper or accountant. This grants you a delay until 31 October 2012.